Off-Page SEO Criteria
Off-Page SEO Criteria

Off-page SEO is a series of optimization processes, but it is done outside of your site but is part of the factors that can affect your site’s ranking.

In this case, we will talk more about backlinks or backlinks.

Off-Page SEO Criteria in 2022

This technique is done by building backlinks from specific sites that lead to your site. What’s the point? The point is to increase the place’s popularity, which will also be one of the indicators determining position in the search engines.

Every time off-page SEO methods evolve and change, some practitioners even think backlinks are no longer critical.

But I think backlinks are still important and decisive as long as they are applied correctly. So here are some types of backlinks recommended by SEO practitioners.

● Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others
● Web 2.0 properties (Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr, and so on)
● Signature forum (kaskus, seconds forum, compass forum)
● Social bookmarks
● Blog comments by visiting similar blogs and leaving comments and links

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Guest post

It’s just that, of course, looking for backlinks should not be arbitrary.

Read here are some backlink criteria that Google hates.
One SEO technique is Off-Page SEO, where this technique relates to backlinks.

Then what backlink criteria should we make a guide to get web rankings on google search. Here are the criteria

● Relevant to the main website
Why should backlinks be relevant? Because for search engines, this looks more natural in terms of appearance and user experience.
● Contextual links
Text that can be clicked (usually targeted keywords) on the website or the primary writing of our website content. Contextual links become one of the high-quality backlinks because they are related to the topic.
● High DA and PA
Backlinks with a high Domain Authority mean that the Domain’s trust level is already good, very well-realized to use sites with significant DA. In addition to Domain, another Page Authority is an indication for Google to increase page rankings.
● Domain Age
Websites with a domain and a high page authority usually have a domain age long enough. Another advantage is quickly indexed by Google when creating content.
● High Traffic
It can be ascertained that a site with many visitors’ credibility is suitable for google except gambling sites, etc.
● Low Outbound Link
It has to do with link juice. Getting links with outbound links that are quite a lot will reduce the ekeftivity of those backlinks because they have to be shared with other links on the same page.
● Unique (Different C classes Ip’s)
Getting backlinks from different hosting and IPs can affect a website’s ranking. This criterion is closely related to one of Google’s algorithms, Penguin.
● Do-Follow Attributes
Dofollow is a link that Google counts as a vote for your website. Search engines are expected to build connections that attribute do follow 80:20 with no follow to make it look natural.
● One Way Link

One-way links:

– Comment blog
– Signature forum
– Social Bookmark

A one-way link is better than two-way links in the sense of exchanging links between bloggers.

By paying attention to the criteria above, we believe your website can compete in SERPs. So we must pay attention to the quality of backlinks that do not come from taking.

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Off-Page SEO Optimization

When you write quality content but rely solely on a keyword, it will cause your competition on search engines to be not profitable enough.
Thus ranking your website will be challenging to penetrate the top rankings of search engines.
Therefore, off-page SEO optimization is one way that is expected to be able to place the content you have created can increase at the highest level of search engines.
Before applying the way of OFF PAGE SEO optimization, it’s good to finish the stage of On-Page SEO optimization first.
Off-Page SEO Optimization
Page SEO optimization is necessary to attract visitors and place the website at the top of the search engine rankings.

The reason is, on-page SEO optimization is not enough.

Therefore, another way is needed besides on-page SEO optimization, namely how to optimize OFF PAGE SEO.
Competition for keyword use provides little opportunity for new websites.
Therefore, the way off-page SEO optimization becomes an important supporting factor even often forgotten by most people.

What is OFF Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO optimization is an SEO optimization step that is done from outside (external) factors of content or website.

This off-page SEO optimization method requires utilizing external factors such as inbound links/backlinks to share on social media.
There is often a misconception about Off-Page SEO which states that Off-Page SEO is only related to link building.

Though other things are significantly related to this way of OFF PAGE SEO optimization.

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Why Is Off-Page SEO Optimization Necessary?

When you write quality content but rely solely on a keyword, it will cause your competition on search engines to be not profitable enough.

Thus ranking your website will be challenging to penetrate the top rankings of search engines.

Therefore, the way off-page SEO optimization is one way that is expected to be able to put the content you have created can grow rapidly at the highest level of search engines.

What’s the Best Way to Optimize Off Page SEO?

Before applying the OFF PAGE SEO optimization, it’s good to finish the On-Page SEO optimization stage first.
Without good quality On-Page SEO, other websites won’t be interested in referring to your website.
Thus, the potential of getting inbound links/backlinks to your website will be smaller.
You have to fix on-page SEO thoroughly and then apply the way of off-page SEO optimization to the maximum.

There are several ways off-page SEO optimization is good and easy for you to implement, namely:

Link Building with Page Authority and Domain Authority

Page SEO optimization methods cannot be separated from link building. Search engines like Google use an algorithm called Page Rank to assess the quantity and quality of backlinks on a website.
Thus it is proven that there is a strong relationship between the number of backlinks a website has to its performance to get ranked on search engines.

The quality of each link is different from the quality of other links. Same with the website.

The quality of links on the website is measured by the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) scales.
Domain Authority (DA) is the overall quality of backlink profiles on a domain measured by a value of 1 to 100.
Another case with Page Authority (PA) uses the same value. However, it only applies to specific links.

To measure da and PA websites, you can use Moz or ahrefs applications. Unfortunately, this app is a paid app.

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Pay attention to Dofollow Links and Nofollow Links

Google can detect not all links. For example, Google only sees do (can be seen by Google bots).
However, there is nofollow (which is not detected by Google bots). Therefore, nofollow links do not affect page authority rank.
The two links have different functions. First, you need to be aware of your website needs.
This type of dofollow is perfect for those of you who want to improve your Page Authority website.
But if you only focus on traffic, then nofollow links are more suitable for your website.

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Take advantage of Anchor Text.

Anchor text is text containing links that website visitors can click.
Anchor text factor is very influential on Google states one of the factors that affect the quality of website search on search engines.

However, you should be careful because Google will give a penalty if you have too many inbound links/backlinks with the exact anchor text.


One way off-page SEO optimization is worth remembering is to be tied to the relevance factor. Because this factor is beneficial when building backlinks.
It would help if you looked for backlinks with websites that have similar content to your website.

Building Backlinks with Traffic

Building backlinks with traffic is also essential as a way of off-page SEO optimization.
If the backlink source traffic is higher, then the more likely it is for you to get traffic from the backlink.
This is because the chances of visitors to click on your website link are getting more prominent as well.
It would help if you got backlinks from websites with good Page Authority (PA), shared dofollow links, chose anchor text that is appropriate and relevant to your website.

Forum Post

Forum post links are a free platform that can increase visitors.
Here all members can build their respective websites with forum discussions.
Some can ask, and some by provide quality answers to these questions.
This method is perfect for promoting your website and for getting backlinks from other users.

Send a Link to the Web Directory

You can try submitting your website link to several online web directories to get quality backlinks.
There is a free or paid service on the Top Directory Submission link with a high DA.
In addition, some search engines also use this online directory to upload and index your website on the search results page.
What Are the Frequent Mistakes In How to Optimize Off Page SEO?
Page SEO optimization has some dark sides. Some people want to increase the ranking of their website but are lazy to create quality content.
Never mind creating content. To do marketing only, they only rely on link building.
You need to know that link building is only supporting website content.
It’s best never to do link building if you don’t have good content. Because in addition to being useless, you can also be a penalty from Google.
Good link building is always related to marketing and content marketing.
Search engines do not prefer some forms of backlinks because they are considered to have been misused. Here are some examples:
1) Exchange links. After the end of 2000, this method did not provide any more positive benefits.
2) buy links and use backlink services.
3) Comments on blogs and forums.
4) Use auto-approved links.
5) Using bot software.
6) Private Blog Network.
7) Using all forms of spamming.

Links spread in the above ways will get low quality.

Maybe you’ll get high rankings in search engines, but in just an instant, you’ll also receive sanctions.

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