Difference Between Web Pages and Software
Difference Between Web Pages and Software

Difference between dynamic and static websites: Static sites are usually created with HTML, but other languages like PHP, JavaScript, or an Ajax-driven script are used to create dynamic sites.

They may also use frameworks like Ruby on Rails, PHP, or Flex to develop dynamic web pages.

On the other hand, dynamic web pages do not use scripting languages and have unique data stored in databases.

Instead, they use either XML or HTML to keep their content.

What is the Difference Between Web Pages and Software?

The main difference is that static content is stored in a local file and is not moved around when a visitor requests it. On the other hand, dynamic web pages make use of servers and network resources to access information and deliver it to visitors.

If you need to have your web pages live to change all the time, then you probably need a static website.

For example, if your target audience is children, you should probably create a static content site where they can easily access the latest news.

Web Pages 2022

Static websites are usually designed with one purpose in mind – to present information in a format that is easy to read and change. This is in stark contrast to dynamic websites, which have no purpose other than to store information in a database.

Unfortunately, this means that both static and dynamic websites load up fast on some internet connections but takes a long time on others. This is especially true of large sites where each page is loaded up to several times.

So what does this mean for us? First, to get the best performance from our static website, we need to host it on edge servers. We can choose from many edge servers; however, we should stick to the well-known ones for the best results.

The main benefits of going down this route include; better reliability, faster speed, larger disk space, greater flexibility, and less downtime.

It also ensures that all your pages are viewable no matter what internet connection you have.

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This brings me to the last difference between static and dynamic web pages. The content of your static websites will never change, whereas your dynamic websites will display different content depending on the visitor’s connection.

So when a person visits your static website, they will see your static content; but when they connect to the internet for the first time, they will be viewing your dynamic website, which will display dynamic web content.

Another difference between the two types of web pages is how they load up. Static websites load up more slowly due to the way they are structured. They are generally HTML pages that do not contain any flash, JavaScript, or images.

On the other hand, dynamic websites load up very quickly because they have these elements, which speeds up the loading process by almost 50%. In addition, due to the nature of dynamic web pages, they can be programmed more effectively than static ones.

A further difference is found when we consider how they are structured. A static website is a simple HTML document. This means that they do not contain any inner server-side scripts, adding extra processing on the client-side.

This additional processing would generally slow down the HTML page to a crawl, obviously not ideal. Most of these scripts are run during the web page’s initial ‘loading’ stage on the client-side.

Now that we’ve established all the main differences between static and dynamic websites, it’s probably a good idea to list the main reasons people decide on which type of site to construct. Most of us tend to build static websites to make our lives easier and technologically savvy.

But many companies choose to use dynamic websites because they offer a real-time online presence. To benefit from real-time website features, it is necessary to make sure that your static website contains all the correct files and has been optimized properly.

The best way to achieve this is to hire a professional website developer to ensure that your static website is fully functional in real-time.

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