Google Penguin
Google Penguin

Google launched the real-time Penguin 4.0, an extra granular version of Penguin on Friday. Google wrote in its announcement that it “now devalues junk mail.”

Many SEOs and website admins (webmasters) interpreted that as which means that Penguin no more penalizes and it appears as if they are correct.

A Complete Guide to the Google Penguin Algorithm Update

Google’s Gary Illyes said on my public Facebook post that the brand new Penguin algorithm “found out the best way to devalue junk mail alternatively of demoting.” but he additionally mentioned that Google’s suggestion for making use of the disavow file has now not transformed. As such, you must to utilize the disavow file to recover from Penguin problems.

in spite of everything, if Google simply devalues the unsolicited mail and doesn’t demote the junk mail, then why use the disavow file?

Illyes said in the FB discussion that “notably there may be much less want” to use the disavow file for Penguin. Gary additionally included “that you would be able to aid us help you by way of utilizing it.” adding that “also manual actions are still there, so on the off chance that we see that an individual is efficaciously trying to junk mail, the guide actions crew could make a harsher motion in opposition to the web site.”

Penguin is now part of our core algorithm

So briefly, it seems Google Penguin now not penalizes the website online or certain pages but as a substitute ignores/devalues the spammy links, and in this way the rankings are balanced. Gary mentioned this will have to make website admins/site owners “more joyful and happier,” together with “and that makes me blissful.”

What Is The Google Panda Algorithm?

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