Website Crawler
Website Crawler

Every web developer knows how important it is to have a good website crawler. You must know the stats of your page and your competitors well if you want to grow and become more prominent.

You’re probably wondering why this software is so popular and what it can do to make your page more successful. This SEO tool is potent and can do a great job on small, big, and monumental sites. You get real-time results and an insight that tells you more about the current status.

[Free] SEO Website Crawler and Site Spider Tool 

You can find broken links. If anything is annoying, it’s those situations where you click on a link, and it takes you to a 404 page. This portion of the software exports the errors along with the source URLs so you can fix them or send them to someone that can.

Audit redirects are pretty important. You can search for both temporary and permanent redirects and identify the chains of referring to the loops. If you wish, you can upload URLs to audit while switching sites.

You can analyze metadata and page titles, too, so you can see if anything is too short, too complicated, or grammatically wrong or missing anything. Also, knowing if it’s put somewhere else on your site is helpful.

You can see whether or not you have duplicate content or anyone else duplicated yours with algorithmic checks for headings, descriptions, and titles.

You can see URLs usually blocked by robots.txt and use the ‘noindex’ directives.

It’s easy to create an XML Sitemap with Images too. Advanced personalizing is no longer a problem; you can change priorities too.

Last but certainly not least, you integrate with Google Analytics so we can fetch the user data they have, and we can see if anything is missing. Also, this helps a lot with the revenue of the site.

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The free features include: finding broken links and errors, analyzing page titles and metadata, reviewing meta robots, discovering duplicate pages, and generating XML sitemaps. This is quite a lot of options.

If you want to be professional, we advise you to take the paid version, where you get much more features and technical support for anything and everything.

This software is being used by Apple, Google, Disney, Amazon, Distilled, Seer, and many more famous companies and has been featured in many top publications and magazines.

You can be sure that you are getting top-quality software that is being worked on daily and has tiny bugs. The team that created and enriched the software is working on the bugs too.

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