content marketing
content marketing

Since digital marketing has taken over the storm, the entire game of marketing has been changed.

Awareness of brand and engagement has been increased rapidly.

Content marketing is one of the forms of digital marking.

What is Content Marketing 

Content Marketing is rooted up in the branch of digital marketing. It focuses on producing and sharing engaging, creative content.

The purpose is to educate customers about the product and service offered.

Content marketing requires consistent interaction and clearly defined content for the target audience.

It helps the audience to stay updated with brand activities. 



Marketing for a business is the backbone for creating brand awareness. Different strategies are prepared to hit the target audience and generate sales.

Major traditional marketing forms are print media, broadcasting, ATL and BTL activities, and telemarketing. These require a huge amount of budget. Usually, small and medium businesses cannot afford it.

Spreading word of mouth about the brand isn’t enough for generating sales. An entrepreneur is eagerly thinking about ways to maximize his profits.

An increase in the number of online users and the advancement of technology has taken over and changed the entire dynamics of advertising. 

Content marketing came up to create appealing social media posts, educating about the product and service through a blog post, animated video marketing, making E-books, Newsletters.

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  • Audience

In this digital age, the usage of internet devices for different purposes, whether it’s for work, academics, or entertainment, has increased immensely.

It has made lives easier. E-commerce business has given multiple opportunities to young entrepreneurs. Since they start from limited budgets, digital marketing is the most suitable form of advertising among all.

Content marketing strategies are developed to create brand awareness among the audience, and different campaigns are executed for the targeted audience.


  • Engagement

Content marketing is more engaging and interactive as compared to traditional marketing.

The content is in the form of social media posts, animated videos, and FAQ’s is consistently published by the marketing team on the brand’s social media handles.

The client’s attention is consistently retained towards the brand yet in an innovative form. 

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  • Communication with brand

             Digital media has given the user the freedom to express his opinion. It’s a two-way communication process going between brand and client.

Traditional media is one way of communication. Here the brand is communicating its message to the audience.

It is difficult for them to receive the response instantly. 

  • Budgets:

Digital marketing requires less budget with more output as compared with traditional marketing.

Due to affordability, it is a popular means of advertising among small and medium scale businesses. Large-scale businesses have incorporated digital marketing means with traditional marketing to enhance their brand awareness and accelerate their sales.

  • Popular types of content marketing services

Forms of content marketing are

•         Blogging

It is an informative post published on different blog sites, i.e., WordPress is considered the most authentic platform.

Brands share their expectations, target audience, and deadlines with bloggers. The content is created by the bloggers using the brand.


• Video content

According to the niche and demand of the brand, video content is created.

It can be in any form of a video from motion, animated, short films, product features, etc.


• Social media post

Different social media post is designed keeping in mind the theme of the campaign. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are different platforms for which content is posted, keeping in mind the target audience.

Constant posting keeps the client updated with the brand activity.

Hence, the brand stays prominent and leads to sales generation.


• Email marketing

Email Marketing is another effective way of communicating with the client. Email marketing is an effective way to connect with leads and convert them into customers. Email marketing is for the following purposes.

  • Newsletters: Newsletters are being circulated to the clients who usually sign up on the website. It keeps them updated with current business activity.
  • Acquisition Email: This involves sending emails to potential customers that are likely to be interested in your offerings and receiving email communications about them.
  • Retention Email: These include keeping up the communication with the new and retaining customers regularly.
  • Promotional Email: Email which carries promotional offers which brand is offering to their customers is an effective way.

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How content marketing is used to attract the target audience

From the last few years, marketers have adopted the strategic approach of marketing.

In other words, they have adopted the approach that formalizes the process of incorporating people and technologies needed to scale and deliver content.

The top goals of a content marketing strategy are:


  • Plan a strategy keeping in mind the KPIs of the business
  • Optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content
  • Creating relevant blogs and social media post consistently
  • Staying true to your content 
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Generating business leads


Brands which have their social presence and remain active consistently are more likely to increase their sales.

As more organizations use content marketing, a strategic approach is necessary to maximize Return on investment.

Content Marketing Effectiveness for business

The entrepreneur will keep these points in mind before measuring the ROI Return on investment or effectiveness for the business.

  • Traffic on websites
  • Leads generation
  • Conversion rate
  • Direct sales

As content marketing becomes more popular, you can expect to see more Google analytic to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

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